Data Center Tier III DPR

Don't compromise on the safety and accessibility of your data. Choose DRC Bali Tier III Facility for unparalleled data center services today!

Disaster Recovery Center

Indonesia Super Corridor offer within the scope of DRC - Disaster Recovery Center services allows the client to safeguard against any negative effects of any type of infrastructure failure.

disaster recovery center interconnected fiber optic

Interconnected Fiber Optic

Designed to consistently deliver a higher performing data center.

disaster recovery center resilient power

Resilient Power

Electrical supplies from 2 different voltage sources and Full backup generator capacity.

disaster recovery center fire protection system

Fire Protection System

With fire censor FM200 and smoke censor above and below raised floor.

disaster recovery center monitoring and security system

Monitoring & Security System

24/7 Monitoring CCTV with digital recording, Access Card and Finger Print access to rack.

disaster recovery center evaporative cooling

Evaporative Cooling

Precision Air Conditioning with redundant system.

The Best Data Center Solutions

Grow your business with the right partner!

Colocation per U

99.982 %

Service Level Agreement

  • 10 Mbps IIX & 1 Mbps IX
  • 2A Power Source
  • /30 IP Public
  • 1 Data Center User Access
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Smarthand (H/W reset) as request

Half Rack

99.982 %

Service Level Agreement

  • 50 Mbps IIX & 5 Mbps IX
  • 5A Power Source
  • /29 IP Public
  • 1 Data Center User Access
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Smarthand (H/W reset) as request

Full Rack

99.982 %

Service Level Agreement

  • 100 Mbps IIX & 10 Mbps IX
  • 10A Power Source
  • /29 IP Public
  • Cross Connect 2 Port UTP & 2 Core FO
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Dedicated User DCIM Account

Data Center Contractors

We manage entire turn-key jobs including Planning, Design, Mechanical, Engineering and construction of your data centers.

data center contractor, fabrication, and installation

Fabrication & Installation

Need experienced personnel for planning Data Center development according to international standards? Trust us as experienced Data Center Contractors at competitive prices. We handle civil building construction, including interior and exterior design including renovation work to suit your needs.

data center contractor mechanical electrical infrastructure

Mechanical Electrical Infrastructure

With unparalleled industry experience, our team stays up-to-date on the latest advances in technology and techniques. We provide power systems of all types – from basic to complex – to ensure reliable, uninterrupted operations. Our mechanical system expertise is vital to the success of new designs, as well as upgrades to existing data centers.

data center contractors, cabling, and network infrastructure

Cabling & Network Infrastructure

Indonesia Super Corridor highly trained, fully-certified professionals are experts at installing, upgrading and protecting your voice/data copper and fiber to ensure reliable system performance. We design, implement and test your installation to guarantee your communications infrastructure meets or exceeds all industry standards and manufacturer’s guidelines.

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