Get Rid of Stress in the Office with Green Plants

Get Rid of Stress in the Office with Green Plants

Stress can arise because of a monotonous office space. A psychologist wrote in a paper that an unadorned office or the like can also be the most toxic of spaces. In order to reduce stress due to work, you need to place green plants in the office.

The presence of several green plants in a workspace that is not too large can increase employee productivity by 15 percent. In addition, an office that is green because there are plants can make employees happier.

That's the conclusion of research conducted by Dr Chris Knight from the University of Exeter, England, and his fellow psychologists who have studied this problem for 10 years. In other words, the research is a collaboration of four universities in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands.

In the study, researchers examined the impact of both plant-free and plant-based offices on employees' perceptions of air quality, concentration, and satisfaction at work. Productivity levels were also monitored over the following months at two large offices in the UK and the Netherlands.

As a result, the presence of plants in the office significantly increased employee job satisfaction, concentration levels, and air quality. Chris also found that in recent years many office spaces have looked simpler and incorporate greenery to increase employee productivity.

"What's important is that everyone can see the plants from their desks," Knight said. Even this research reveals, if plants cannot be presented in the office, you can still get the same benefits by posting photos of plants with the right lighting settings and certain scents.

On another occasion, Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University said an office that has plants can also have a consistent effect on blood pressure for every employee. This study revealed that the presence of plants in the office can reduce stress within five minutes.

Thus, do not hesitate to put ornamental plants on your desk. Besides being able to reduce stress, green plants in the office can also increase your productivity.


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