Tips for Working Safely

Tips for Working Safely and Safely

Every job has its risks, these risks can be in the form of accidents, health problems, and others. The K3 program implemented by the company is one way to reduce the risks experienced by workers. The K3 program is made by the company management by communicating with the workers. In addition to the K3 program implemented by the company, every individual or individual worker must be able to protect himself from the dangers that exist in his workplace. Indeed, providing a safe workplace is an obligation for the company, but workers must also be able to take care of themselves. Here are some tips for working safely:


1. Understand the Risks

Every worker from any level of position needs to understand the risks that exist in the workplace, especially those related to his work. When workers know about these risks, they will be more alert to avoid them. Even though the company does not provide clear OSH information or programs, workers must be able to understand the risks of working for themselves.


2. Reduce Stress

Stress at work can result in mental health problems such as difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, or depression. This stress can occur due to working too long, lack of rest, and conflicts with bosses or other workers. Workers should understand the limits they have so they don't force themselves when their bodies are not capable. Workers too


3. Get enough rest

Sufficient rest is needed by workers, not only when they come home from work but at work, workers also need rest. Workers must be able to understand the needs of their bodies so that they know when their bodies need to rest. If the body lacks rest, the body can be susceptible to disease and will interfere with workers at work.


4. Prevent disturbing movement

When working in a workplace, ensure the workplace has an easy workflow so it doesn't tire the workers. Arrange the workplace in such a way that workers are comfortable while doing their jobs or when moving from one job to another.


5. Use mechanical assistance if possible

When working that requires heavy energy you can use tools so that the body is not too tired. For example, when carrying goods, you can use a stroller, and the like.


6. Protect your back

Workers who have to lift heavy objects must be careful when doing so. Position the object as comfortably as possible so that it can be lifted safely. Lift using your thigh muscles. Workers need to learn how to have a good body position while working so as not to injure themselves.


7. Use appropriate personal protective equipment for the job

Every job has different risks so the personal protective equipment used is also adjusted to the risks that will be faced. For construction workers, it is necessary to use appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety helmets and masks for respiratory protection if necessary. Personal protective equipment will help workers reduce the risks that may occur.


8. Avoid alcohol and drugs

Workers must avoid alcohol and illegal drugs not only in the workplace but also outside the workplace. Alcohol and illicit drugs can interfere with the health of workers, especially when they are working. Workers who are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs can make various work mistakes that are at risk of causing work accidents.


9. Communicating with management

Workers who know there are work risks or work hazards need to communicate with management so that management can try to reduce the risks that exist in the workplace. Workers can also advise company management about what should be done to maintain safety in the workplace.


10. Knowing workers' rights

Workers need to know what their rights are in the company. One of the rights of workers is to get protection while working. So workers can sue companies that provide them with unsafe working conditions. Workers can find out about what they should get while working, including occupational safety and health issues.


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